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REDEE FLU™ shows promise as a universal flu vaccine

At FluGen we’re dedicated to preventing serious illness in humans by developing the most effective vaccine in the world against all forms of the deadly influenza virus. Based in Madison, Wisconsin and founded, staffed and supported by some of the world’s top scientists, FluGen has developed REDEE FLU™, an influenza vaccine that is scheduled to enter human trials in 2016.  FluGen offers investors an exciting opportunity to get involved with a cutting edge biotech company and, more importantly one that offers the world the promise of a more effective, life saving vaccine. We are fighting a virus that mutates quickly and results in over 200,000 hospitalizations and up to 36,000 deaths each year in theU.S.alone. Worldwide,these statistics are even more staggering. Now is the time to invest our time and resources into a new and more effective fight against influenza.

The Science

Flu vaccines have remained virtually unchanged for decades, relying on an approach that provides very poor protection against the virus for the world’s population. Current flu vaccines rely on injecting a inactivated or deadened virus which is matched annually to prevalent strains. In REDEE FLU™, FluGen offers a novel vaccine consisting of a live, single replication virus.
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The Influenza Virus

Healthy adults ages 18-64 who contract the flu will suffer miserably for a week or more from disease symptoms, but those with compromised immunity may find themselves hospitalized with life-threatening complications. This is most common in the very young and the very old. Certain flu strains prove more dangerous than others, like the H7N9 strain that recently emerged in China. Read more…

The Investment

Investing in FluGen offers individuals and groups a unique opportunity to be a part of something that could allow some to do well by “doing good”. If successful, REDEEE FLU has the potential to positively impact the lives of those most at risk of experiencing complications from the flu. Those over 65 are quite vulnerable and currently marketed flu vaccines have efficacy rates as low as 9%!  Read more…

Paul Radspinner on WPT

FluGen CEO and Co-Founder Paul Radspinner Featured on Wisconsin Public Television

Wisconsin Public Radio host Frederica Freyberg interviews Paul Radspinner on her program, Here & Now. Click on the picture to see the full interview. FluGen anticipates being in human clinic trials within a year.

 FluGen in the Press…Again!

FluGen Forward Wisconsin YouTube

UW Madison FluGen

Forward Wisconsin Covers FluGen

Forward Motion: UW-Madison features FluGen at the 3:17 mark on this video, but we encourage you to watch the whole piece, which illustrates many other breakthrough projects coming out of UW-Madison.

Watch the video on YouTube now!


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