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M2SR shows promise as a supra-seasonal flu vaccine

FluGen, Inc. is developing a more effective vaccine in the fight against influenza and respiratory disease. The M2SR Vaccine Platform has the potential to revolutionize the $5 billion annual influenza market, with a clinically-tested vaccine candidate that addresses the most significant unmet needs in flu prevention – consistent efficacy, annual virus drift, and shedding.

The flagship candidate is M2SR, an intranasal, supra-seasonal flu vaccine that stimulates mucosal, humoral, and cellular immunity, and is supported by a suite of pre-clinical and clinical evidence demonstrating promise in the fight against influenza and respiratory disease.

Long-term R&D plans to leverage the M2SR Vaccine Platform includes potential application for protection against the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, as well as other respiratory diseases such as RSV. FluGen believes M2SR can address the two primary reasons for poor efficacy seen with current vaccine options – broad immune response, especially at the site of infection (nasal mucosa) and protection against drifted strains.

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