WTN News – Doyle announces $250,000 award to FluGen

Source: Wisconsin Department of Commerce

Madison, Wis. – Gov. Jim Doyle today announced that FluGen, a Madison-based developer of influenza vaccines, will receive a $250,000 Technology Venture Fund loan from the Department of Commerce.

“Facing uncertain economic times, it’s important we continue to invest in developing technology that will help Wisconsin compete at the high end of the global economy,” Governor Doyle said. “I am pleased we could help further the opportunities of a company like FluGen that is striving to research and improve technology in the medical field.”

FluGen was founded in 2007 to develop and manufacture safe vaccines. The company’s research is based on virology and reverse genetics technologies developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The company will use the loan to acquire equipment and to continue research and development of a “Bird-Flu” vaccine. Total project cost is $2,021,600.

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